Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dear Santa,

Date of first letter to Santa: October 19, 2009

Number of revisions so far: 8

Latest entry: A remote control Bat Girl with cape and pink lipstick.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Halloween How To

KB gave me an important Halloween lesson yesterday.

"There are two kinds of ghosts: 'tend ones and actual spooky ones."

"Oh yeah, how do you tell the difference?"

"Spooky ghosts fly in the sky. But if it has feet and is walking, then it is probably a kid TENDING to be spooky."

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Show

Today, something awesome happened. It was the. most. amazing. thing. ever.
Katie and I were tossing the football back and forth in the driveway while Anna did doughnuts on her Big Wheel. It was going along as usual, when all of a sudden, Katie reached out her arms. They stretched out in front of her, towards the trajectory of the flying football. Then, THEN, they closed, almost of their own accord, around the projectile, drawing it nearer to her body. I was bamboozled. There is nothing more I can teach her. She has surpassed me in terms of physical coordination. I was watching her so closely as I made her replicate the act over and over. Get this. She didn't close her eyes and wince. Not even once. I knew I was watching something that I will never ever achieve. Now, I can sometimes catch things, but it is always, always a supreme act of will and a bobbling sweaty adventure. But not her. I was throwing the football and her arms were closing around it. I didn't know it could be like this.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

You know, we might go to Home Depot...

Home improvement projects had fallen off dramatically at the Brown household, and I couldn't figure out why. RB and I always enjoyed the Depot in Atlanta and would usually tackle just about anything. But little projects around the house were being left undone. So, yesterday I went to Home Depot and got all those little detailers: a doorstop, a pint of black paint, a quart of white paint, furniture polish, caulk, etc. It was such a pleasure to wander the aisles, but something felt off. It felt like I had gone to the vet and forgotten Sugar. There was no scrabbling, clawing, desperate effort to escape. Ah! The kids were at school. That was it.

Having expended my precious morning off gathering supplies, I then attempted my adventures in home repair after I picked up the girls.

I laid down the newspaper, taped down my edger, readied my brushes, looked cautiously around and determined that Dora had the girls well in hand. Not moments after I unscrewed the lid on the black paint, did two curious ladies appear, bent on having a horsey ride. (The position required to paint the kick plate under the kitchen cabinets is ideal for horsey rides.)

Katie began her best pleading repetition tactic, "Please, can I paint, can I try? I a good painter. I very careful. I very good at painting. I can try. Let me try. Let me do that part. Can I???" (All said while bouncing vigorously on my back.)

Meanwhile, Anna sees her chance, sticks both hands into the paint tray, rubs them together victoriously and "Taaa DAH!" shows them off proudly.

As I am holding her over the sink, scrubbing away and muttering, a calm voice pipes up behind me with the kicker, "Well, you really shouldn't have left it on the floor where she could reach it." Touche, KB, touche.

PS - RB called from Chicago and I proudly related my victory over adversity and the years of 35 linear feet of unpainted kick plate anxiety. He replied, "Huh, it wasn't painted? I hadn't noticed."