Friday, July 31, 2009

on the road again...

2 girls + 1 golden retriever + 18 stuffed animals + 24 DVDs + 2 drivers + 1 gallon of goldfish + 800 miles = Annual Family Road Trip!
It is hard to live so far from my family. The only great part is that when we visit, we come to stay. The last two years, we've spent the better part of August in Pennsylvania with Suz and Skip. Camp-A-Rama writ large. I love the concentrated time, and the small moments. And getting there is half the fun! hahahahahaha
We did well packing this summer. Honestly, I packed more things for the "ride" than for the "visit". Mom and Dad have everything we need in terms of gear (God bless them) and so we just had to have 6 coloring books, 2 magna-doodles, and 600 melty crayons to get us up the road. The girls are typically great in the car. They love to sleep in their car seats. In fact, Katie fell asleep on a last errand at 5:30 pm, we finished packing the car while she slept, and made it to North Georgia at midnight before she woke up! If only WE had been able to sleep in the car maybe we would have been ready for the 2am couch jumping Olympics that she and Anna organized.
Day Two - Lexington, VA. We watched our dog and two girls run around The Hill where we met almost 14 years ago. Incredible. I hope they love the Shenandoah Valley as much as RB and I do.
Also indoctrinated them at the Palms. FYI, there is a reason why we never ate the food there. General rule of thumb - Never take your children to the bar where you celebrated your 21st birthday.
We made it to Eden Farm late that night, but it certainly made all 800 miles worth while.

Friday, July 24, 2009

never mind....

Today, Katie and Anna we're fighting over fairy wings, french fries, and appropriate clapping cadence during "Little Bunny Foo Foo." Katie won out on the fairy wings, but Anna proceeded to repeatedly poke her on her band aid saying BOO-BOO and laughing maniacally.

By the way, is it a problem when your 23 month old starts chanting ENCH-FIES, as soon as you roll up to the drive-through at the bank?

Thursday, July 23, 2009


Every time I start thinking I was insane for having a baby in diapers while I still HAD a baby in diapers, I look at a picture like this. Anna adores Katie and Katie takes such good care of her little sister.


Since I am woefully inadequate when it comes to baby books, photos, and dare I say the word "scrapbooks", this is my shot at tacking down those memories... I was inspired to try this by the insights and humor of Miller Callen.
My writing is not as erudite; but my kids are at least half as crazy as hers.

Let's start with a snapshot of their verbal/dramatic abilities as of today, July 22, 2009:

"Mama, it hurt right at the place where all the BRAINS are!"
kgb, upon flinging herself onto the wooden arm of the sofa.

"WOOK, humm, um bum bum, uh, MOO!!!"
aeb, looking for cows on the drive home from the club.

I hope this will serve as a memento for them, so it will be child-centric and unbearably cute. This is not MY life I am trying to capture. It is theirs. My life is fabulous, multi-faceted and exciting enough that I know not to publish its details on the internet. This is simply the one facet of my life that occupies about 20 hours a day.
Also, if this helps acclimate the grandparents to the "interweb," so much the better.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baby Steps...

Capturing the harrowing bliss of my days is hard with two toddlers... So this is an attempt to freeze under glass the moments of perfection and joy that sometimes get buried under a heap of tractors and Barbie undergarments.