Saturday, February 26, 2011

Wonder Twins

I love watching these sisters tell secrets.
It is a relationship I don't fully understand. But I try to help them trust each other and respect each other.
Even if, later on, they unite against me. 
They are wiley. And have wands. 
I just hope they use their powers for good...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Meat and Miracles

"Anna, Be QUIET! Don't talk ANY MORE!"
 [Standard after school sibling greeting.]

"Kathryn Grace, that is NOT NICE! We all enjoy quiet; but please find a nicer way to ask your sister."
[Remind self to scream BE QUIET less frequently.]

"Hey, Anna, you know when you are reading a book and the words don't come out your mouth, they just go in your brain? That is called "reading silently". How bout you try that?"
[Katie is somehow channeling her Uncle Rob, circa 1983-87]

"OK! Which part the brain?" 
[Note: The younger sibling always says yes regardless of comprehension. Or shame. Or danger to self.]

"Up here. At the top."
[Pats head.]

"The hair?" 
[Rubs open book on hair.] 

"No, INSIDE. Inside the body, at the top, is the brain. Where the songs and the jokes are. Hey, Mama, did you know we are all made of meat?"