Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Eyes to See

The Anna of the Bible is one of the first people to recognize God. A tiny baby is carried into the Temple. Two poor young confused parents (who will later lose Him as a sign to us all that we shouldn't feel so bad) are trying to follow the rules as they know them - despite a rather hectic week. An old woman, Anna, looks at these poor dirty donkey riders and sees - God - in their arms. 
She recognizes Him instantly and speaks of Him to whomever will listen. (Luke 2:36-38) 

My Anna has the same gift. She sees the truth. Right away. And then she speaks it to whomever is around. Goodness, sadness, heartache or folly are quickly understood by her five year old eyes. 

When a friend passed away unexpectedly, I spoke to the girls of our sadness for her family, for her little boy and girl. But Anna spoke to the heart of my fear - 
"And Mama, now you are afraid you're going to die and leave us?" 

Well, yes. 

Today was simpler, and less heart-wrenching. Katie asked if I had ever held a snake. I said I had and Anna was surprised. She asked, 
"Was Sue Sue alive for this? Did she freak out that PopPop let you do that?" 

Anna was only three when Mom died, but she has a shockingly accurate take on the family dynamic of my childhood. 

Later this afternoon, Anna expressed herself beautifully to her older sister - who was repeatedly hitting her in the face with a balloon. (Thus proving she too has an accurate sense of the family dynamic of my childhood.)

"Katie, you have been mocking me con-tin-ly with that balloon since we got in the car and it makes me feel bad."

I told Anna I was proud of her for the way she expressed herself, clearly and calmly. She didn't lose her temper in a frustrating situation. Then she laid this one on me:

"I did lose my temper. But I didn't use my temper voice."


Is THAT what you are supposed to do? 

Thank you, God. And Anna. 

Now, I see.