Friday, September 18, 2009

The long climb to success. . .

You have got to admire the girl's technique. She doesn't like the approach with the stool (the STEP stool) so she climbs up like this. She must have needed a bit more traction though because she went and put on Katie's sneakers for this attempt.

I am just happy for her enthusiasm.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

With Sharks Attached!

This am, as we waited "patiently" for our Eggos to toast, Katie asked me the most astute question yet in her young life.

"Mom, are there laser beams in the toaster?"
"uh, What?"
"Well, lasers are hot. And toasters are hot. And lasers are red."
"Yep. You are exactly right. That was really smart thinking."
"I knew there were red hot laser beams in there."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

deep thoughts...

In cleaning up tonight I found a sterling earring that has been missing for months and a crusty plastic pacifier (the only style Anna will accept, quiets her instantly, and is sold only in Bethesda) - guess which find thrilled me more. . .

Spilt milk is DEFINITELY worth crying over. . .

When Anna runs in saying "LOOK LOOK" it is usually a bad thing. . .

If Katie asks one more time how the lizard got into the bathtub I am going to scream, because I refuse to contemplate the answer. . .

I knew that Anna's habit of bellyflopping onto the dog bed would end in tears one day. Somehow, I didn't foresee the large hematoma though.
My bad. . .

Though Daddy/Daughter time is wonderful, I could have done without the lesson on dove taxidermy from my four year old. "First you pull the skin off the bird. . . "

I know I have done my job as a mother when we pull into the church parking lot and Katie says, "I love this place!"
If only she hadn't followed that with, "They have snacks!"

I think it is Jack Handey's fault that every 25- 35 year old thinks they should have a blog. . .

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sisters, Friends, Hairdressers

Anna's new haircut. 
Thanks to her big sister, she will be rocking the Pat Benatar look to 
the first day of Nursery School tomorrow.