Monday, March 29, 2010

Make it work

Proof that plenty of hours of Bravo have had their impact on the girls. We're learning to follow the immortal Tim Gunn's mantra - Make it work.

Katie wanted to build a circus tent out of clay, "and it has to be red and yellow and blue and all the colors and stripes and it has to be really really big for the whole circus."

"Well, Katie, we only have a little clay left and it is only black and white."

"Ok, let's make a grey baby elephant!"

Anna was following along the clay adventure and making sweeping statements like, "It a plane!" "It a clown!" etc. as she tried to sculpt different forms. She was disappointed with each one and was getting a little frustrated until she started happily rolling little black balls of clay. I asked what she was making and she gleefully announced, "RAISINS!"