Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sisterhood of the Tinkerbell Panties

I must admit a certain inate empathy with the plight of the younger sibling. Katie is frequently asserting her superiority over Anna. "I am the biggest! I am FOUR! You are a baby!" and the kicker... "I get to wear PANTIES!" Anna just parrots everything Katie says, yearning to emulate her. Anna has taken to shouting "NO BABIES ALLOWED!" before Katie even gets a chance in the morning. Not realizing she is the very baby in question.
Last night I realized that perhaps, Anna is savvier than I thought and has been manipulating the situation to her advantage. She wandered out into the living room at about 10:30 pm and was sleep-smushed and distressed. I asked, "What happened?" and her immediate reply was "Katie PUSH me!" accompanied by hot tears.
Katie was snoring away peacefully in her own bed.
Anna's default answer has betrayed her at last.