Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All Growed Up

My babies are hiding. These sophisticated young women keep appearing in my kitchen.
Some favorite moments of late...

Katie asked what we were drinking the other night at dinner...
"Dada, are you and Mama drinking wine?"
"Well, I think it is really Jesus's blood."
"No, this is a white."

In bed, getting ready for sleep...
"Anna, who do you love?"
"James. But he live so far AWAY. In cowfornya."

Unpacking her backpack full of end-of-year treats...
"KB, why did Miss Cindy give you all these wonderful things?"
"I think it is because I am a kindergartner now, Mom."

Looking at Anna's lunchbox with her name on it...
"That my lunchbox!"
"Yep, what does it say right there?"
(pointing at each letter) "I. eat. my. lunch."

They are swimming and biking and scootering and coloring and speaking Spanish and painting and doing such WONDERFUL things. We're looking forward to a great summer.