Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Greatest American Hero

K&A were singing in the back seat. Muddy, sandy, and wet around the edges, they spent a glorious day at the lake - digging in the sand, exploring the forest, finding hidden treasure and jumping off high things. 
Two of my Greatest American Heroes sang out their anthem with all they had.

It's like a light of a new day-
It came from out of the blue.
Breaking me out of the spell I was in,
Making all of my wishes come truuuuuuuuue!

 Can I get an Amen?

The next song was less of a power ballad and more of a percussive 
homage to chickens. 
My girls, never undeterred, went into their "Air Orchestra" repertoire. 
(They excel at Air Guitar, Flute, Drum, Piano and Trumpet.) 
But this time, they took it to eleven. 

Dubbed "Spit Guitar" by my budding rockstars they stuck out their tongues and gave a big PBBLLLTT
to the establishment. Strumming along, spitting in time to the music. 
I know I should have stopped them, but it was too awesome to try to rein in.

So, if my girls spit all over you, try to appreciate the Slash-like intensity and check out their mad guitar skills.
And blame their mother.