Sunday, June 19, 2011

Blanket Apology

Katie, asleep under Pinky, somewhere in South Carolina
Blankets are important. I never had a special blanket (admission: thumb sucker). But I have known a few critically important "blankies" in my day. The girls love theirs.
Anna's is mission critical at all times. Since she was a tiny tiny she gravitated toward a yellow crocheted blanket made by Sister Immaculata, my high school home room teacher. Her name is Boo. Misplace her at your peril.
Katie loves Pinky. Dear friend Ann Gallagher gave her Pinky when she was born. Maddie Brown Bear was top dog for the first few years; but Pinky has become the go-to friend in the last two years. She is cape, stole, tutu, toga, tent, pillow, sunshade.... everything you want in a friend.
Our summer road trip is going well, and at each stop, I make sure Pinky and Boo are in the car seats, ready for a few hundred miles.
The other night, we were actually staying in the same location for two nights in a row. I grew careless.
We went out for an evening BBQ at Aberdeen Farm on the James River. Beautiful night. Beautiful friends and family. I came prepared with PJs and the girls settled in with their new friends. Anna with Boo, and Katie with..... well, two water babies (the twins, Molly and Emma), her singamajig, Merlia, the mermaid Barbie, Zuma, her pink glitter dolphin friend, and.... no Pinky.
Pinky was safe in the Hampton Inn, nestled cozily in the duvet. Where, I mistakenly assumed, she would not be missed for the evening.  hahahahahaaha
She was missed.
Vocally, repeatedly, mournfully, missed. Making a 15 minute drive into an eternity. No consolation from the front seat could improve the situation.
Anna spoke up. Words, weighted with understanding, from a fellow blanket lover offered,
"I didn't forget my Boo. I very happy."