Sunday, July 17, 2011

How Babies Are Made

Katie reading a classic she found at the farm a few weeks ago.
We left the book in the Pennsylvania, but I think it made an impression.
 Tonight, I was reading Freddy the Dectective to the girls before bed. Though it is above her level, Anna was paying close attention asking "What is a sheriff?" or "Who are the robbers?" and "Are they the bad guys?" 

But her next question surprised me. I have tried to relate it as accurately as possible, though I think I went catatonic for several minutes.

AEB: "Do all human babies come out of people's butts?"

JGB: "Um. . . Well. . . it isn't really your butt...."

KGB: [trying to help me out] "Anna, babies are made out of private parts, and that is why you need to take good care of your privates."

JGB: "Um. . ."

AEB: "Well, when will I have a baby in my tummy?"

JGB: "After you get married." [This one I knew the answer to.]

AEB: "Well, who will I marry?"

KGB: "You could marry Sam, or Rob, or maybe both!"

JGB: "Um. . . I like to only marry one person."

AEB: "Ok, I want a roller skating party on roller skates. At Pump It Up."

JGB: "Um... for your wedding?"

AEB: "Yep. With roller skates."

KGB: "I'll make the cake!"

When I related this story to Ronnie his first priority was to lock down the plans for the wedding reception at the inflatables warehouse. He also offered to get chicken fingers.