Friday, August 7, 2009


Katie is truly brilliant. WAY more brilliant than your kid. I so enjoy the moments when she surprises me with something that I didn't even know she knew. For the first few years, every word is this product of endless repetition. Every word that came out of her was one that I had put there.
So it delighted me when she showed me a picture on her magna-doodle on Wednesday. I wish I hadn't been driving so I could have taken a photo, but a full 98% of my magical moments occur in the car... So, anyway, the picture was solid black, with a vertical white stripe in the middle. Very simple. She then explained that the black part was the rock of the "bolcano" and the white part was the tube where the "super hot lapa comes out." I mean seriously. I am enrolling her in geology class at Harvard next week.
My brilliant baby also surprises me every day. Anna is just starting that incredible phase of talking where it just falls out of her, without prompting. We passed a cow the other day that she noticed on her own, and I hear a MOOOOOOO from the back seat. (We were in the car again, shockingly.)
Just two weeks ago, we would have had the following soliloquy from yours truly: "Anna, see the cow? What does a cow say? Does a cow say Baaa? See the cow? No, take your foot out of your mouth. See the cow? Katie, stop saying Moo. Let Anna talk, ok Anna, no, not cracker, COW! See the cow?? Does a cow MOO??? MOOOOO." And now she moos independently. Unreal.
My miraculous girls...