Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Killing me softly...

Today, they almost did me in. Seriously. A combination of a 1:30 am wake-up call with Katie, coupled with a long day of rain and toddler sized negativity corroded my normally sunny disposition. However, two high points:

Anna said what I believe is her first sentence!
"I can't open up." And what was this brilliant scholar trying to open you might ask? A book? The minds of those around her? A low risk, high yield investment account? Um, no. It was a peanut that she and Pop Pop had painted blue and she was trying to eat it. BUT, still, quite impressive.

Katie, my dear sweet angel, had a rough day. She did not like ANYTHING today. Not cheese, not crayons, not even Fancy Nancy. Seriously, a bad day. She made me crack up though as she was contemplating her dinner. Anna was enjoying her cheese ravioli and turkey meatballs. Katie was distraught because she doesn't like sauce (which I had kept separate), she doesn't like noodles (her lifeblood), she doesn't like cutting things (despite her new pink birthday cutlery), etc. Philosophically, she turns to Anna and says, "Well, we're not going to get a better offer," and commences eating her meatball. Apparently, she really does listen to me because that one was straight out of JGB's Grumpy Mom Repertoire.