Monday, August 31, 2009

Time Saver

I love time and labor saving devices. Even if they do neither. Katie has apparently inherited this trait. She informed me today that she had lined her panties with toilet paper so that if she has to tee tee in the night, she'll be ready. Awesome.

Sweet Anna is talking SO much. I have no idea how much of it is intelligible to other people, but it is amazing to Ronnie and I. Her favorite sentence is "I DID IT!" Said with her trademark toothy grin.

Today, the girls were playing in the bathroom sinks for about an hour while I laid on Anna floor and read. (Thank you, God, for double vanities and rubber duckies.) Anna walked in and said "Water for Duck" She was holding a little tiny plastic bucket and letting the duck drink from it. Then she said, "Bucket." I mean seriously. Eloquence.

Her language development has been so so different from Katie. It is almost like the difference between a vocab course with flashcards or an immersion program. Katie had the most amazing vocab, but usually did not use it. Anna has just soaked up the incredible variety of discussion that flows around her every day. Today Katie talked about two squares forming a rectangle, 'cubing' up the sides of a foam puzzle to form a box, knitting, canoeing and attack strategies of both lizards and bears. She is a WAY better language teacher than I am. Anna adores listening to her and follows every word. Of course, speaking is also a survival technique. Among her first word combos was "Katie. Push." Perhaps I should stop recording the magic and go intervene. I hear Anna yelling and Katie ran in reporting that a bear just threw a pillow at Anna. Damn bears.